Why should you wrap your trailer? Because your trailer travels lots of miles and gives you miles of canvas for your advertising message!

A trailer wrap gives you the opportunity to Super-Size your message or give your customer more details about the products and services you offer! If Vehicle Wraps make a great way to convey your short message – Trailer Wraps will let you take your message to the next level! Our team of expert designers will help you identify the best use of this valuable message area to produce the results you’re setting your goals on!

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Food Truck Wraps

Make your Truck Work Double Duty!

Why should you wrap your food truck? Because your truck is your menu and your best advertisement!

Food Truck

For countless years vendors have rolled small carts onto crowded urban sidewalks around the world to sell their fragrant and delicious, street kitchen foods. Roy Choi is widely considered to be the Father of the Food Truck. In 2008 he stocked a truck with a functioning kitchen and took off for the streets of Los Angeles to whip up gourmet dishes which sold like hot cakes to passersby! Kogi is still a well-respected name in street food.  Today, almost every major city is exploding with Chefs and their rolling kitchens. The more competitive the market the more invaluable a well-designed Food Truck Wrap is becoming!

Your needs are unique…while “less is more” for our typical business customer, many Food Truck Wrap must blend the impact of your name with the details of your menu. Because we recognize this challenge Killer Wraps is equipped to help you make your message a success! We’ve helped lots of owners of Food Truck Wraps navigate your challenge with great results!

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