No matter if you’re a new start-up or a business running like a well-oiled machine, Killer Wraps’ approach to business is simple.

Killer Wraps is Indy’s premier vehicle wrap specialist! Our team of professional designers and installers can help you develop the perfect branding message for your vehicle, transforming a vanilla work truck into a rolling billboard, designed to “Take a Bite Out of Your Competition”!

We recognize each time you come to us your needs are unique. Killer Wraps strives to hit your budget target – dead center! We’re equipped to design and install a rolling image that creates impact for your message whether we’re installing spot graphics, a partial wrap or a full wrap. We’re confident we can find a way to make your message come alive and keep you on track financially! No matter if your project is 1 truck or a fleet of vehicles, Killer Wraps will give you the attention and dedication your project deserves! Our extensive experience with truck wraps, van wraps, food truck wraps, trailer wraps and yes…even car wraps makes Killer Wraps your best choice for your next vehicle graphics project!

Those are some great reasons to choose Killer Wraps – check out the graphic below to see how we compare with our competition in more areas that are important to you!

More reasons to choose us!

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Our History

The Future


Killer Wraps 70sOur owner, Ron Courtney, started in the sign business at the age of 18, painting custom vans in the late 70’s because…it was the 70’s and, it was “Groovy”!



Killer Wraps 80sRon saw the era of custom personal vans ending. He begins to hand letter business trucks and vans. Ron also sees an opportunity to capitalize on the booming apartment industry in Indianapolis and begins to manufacture sandblasted signs and print marketing materials for the Multi-Family Housing Industry. Courtney Signs is a growing Commercial Sign Shop.


Killer Wraps 90s

As years passed hand work was almost completely replaced with computer generated vinyl graphics and in the early 90’s, Ron’s company embraced this new technology! This allowed us to quickly design and apply logos and information to vehicles, banners and signs for a consistent branding image and greater name recognition for our customers! We also expanded into manufacturing electric signs transitioning from a Commercial Sign Shop for non illuminated signs to a Full-Service Sign Company, landing a sweet job for Pepsi!


Killer Wraps 2000s

Early in this decade national sign companies began to contact Courtney Signs looking for local service and installation help for their franchise and chain customers. Ron saw a need and embraced this approach to business. He also saw something coming in our industry…a slow down in development and new business openings…the Recession was coming and by the mid 2000’s it was in full swing. Ron’s foresight had led him to pare down and focus on the type of work that remained, working with those national companies. Ron also saw a new and exciting technology coming…the sign world was going to change once again because Digital Printing would change everything!


Killer Wraps 2011By 2011 our wrap business had grown with overwhelming success! It became very obvious that we needed a dedicated division focused solely on vehicle wraps and digital printing. Killer Wraps became that division bring to the table extensive experience, and knowledge which has positioned us to be a leader in our industry!


Killer Wraps TodayCourtney Signs became Midwest Signs in 2018! Our focus remains the national and regional company that works with local providers, but our footprint has moved far beyond the borders of Indiana!

For Killer Wraps…our industry is dominated by technology and we are always learning and growing in the business we love! We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the very best finished product but we also put a great emphasis on making sure each customer knows they are appreciated and we have heard you when you tell us your goals and business story!

The Future

Killer Wraps In The FutureWith the growth of our past propelling us into a future full of potential, we are embracing the 20’s with excitement and dedication! “The Sky’s Limit” for Killer Wraps!


Every wrap and graphic project we produce must pass Killer’s special certification!  He watches every step in the process to insure you’re a happy customer who will return time after time! Our team insures every project meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s standards for a quality installation!
Certified Quality

1. Inspection

  1. Each project is thoroughly inspected during the bidding process and again upon arrival at our office. We will alert you to any potential for wrap failure relating to the condition of the vehicle. Deep scratches, dents, chips and rust will be discussed and we will encourage you to have any necessary touch-up bodywork completed prior to beginning your project in. Imperfections may be magnified by the vinyl for a color change wrap but a wrap with graphic may be designed in such a way that it can add some needed “camouflage”, if necessary.  If touch-up is required it’s not necessary for your vehicle to have a “paint job”. We can apply your new wrap over primer!

2. Prep and Clean Again

  1. Our FREE CAR WASH with wrap purchase will allow you to bring your car, van or pick-up to us clean and ready for inspection.
  2. Prior to beginning, our team will take your vehicle through a thorough prep process  using the highest industry standards.
  3. We will prep your vehicle by completely wiping it down with the industry’s best prep products. We’re making certain that your vehicle is free from any hidden road “crud” and fine particles. This step insures your paint will be receptive to the vinyl and will give you excellent adhesion between your paint and the wrap film. This step insures a long life for your new wrap.
  4. As we’re prepping your vehicle we are mentally mapping your project, becoming familiar with its contours and flat areas. This will assist us during the installation phase so that we know your vehicle’s potential challenges during installation, equipping us to complete a quality installation on our first application. No “Do Overs”!
  5. Next, if your project includes embellishment removal, we’re going to carefully remove and store them. When applicable we prefer to remove anything that will interfere with the smooth canvas of your vehicles body, allowing us to install a wrinkle-free wrap! The parts to be removed could include: moldings, door handles, trim, liners and labels. If the piece(s) will not be reinstalled before completion they will be safely stored in the vehicle so you will have them for future use. (Some embellishments and handles are not possible to remove – our staff will discuss this option during the initial inspection.)
  6. While we’re completing your project our professional installers are using only the highest quality tools and techniques.

3. Measure (Plus a Little Extra) - Then Cut

  1. We always allow a little extra material giving us the ability to properly wrap, tuck and conceal, insuring quality coverage for the life of your wrap.

4. Lay it Down

  1. Soft-cloth wipe one more time. This step insures there’s been no accumulation of dust or dirt during the previous steps!
  2. Laying your film comes next and our professional installers use only the highest quality premium films that are air-release products, giving you a bubble, ripple and wrinkle free result!
  3. Double check BEFORE trimming. After positioning and repositioning to insure all graphics are as designed and desired custom designs are achieved…then and only then is the trimming step completed!

5. Tuck the Edges

  1. Now our team is ready to properly tuck the edges of the film for a professional finish and enduring enjoyment for your wrap!

6. Heat and Set the Wrap

  1. After all previous steps are completed to our high standards your wrap is ready to heat, using just the right amount of temperature and pressure to set the vinyl in place! Now your new wrap will withstand the stresses of wind, rain, sun and salt! But we’re not done!

7. Clean it One More Time - Before Delivery!

  1. Before you arrive to pick up your new wrap we’re going to give another wipe down.

8. You Can RELAX Because Killer’s Got Your Back!

Killer Wraps Warranty

Best Warranty In The Business!

Killer Wraps offers a 12-month warranty on
all vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics!

Our warranty is stress-free and comprehensive! It covers all defects in installation and materials. This includes full replacement of failed materials. It covers removal, and re-installation.

You can easily make your claim within the 12-month warranty time frame and it will be reviewed by a Killer Wraps authorized representative. In case of a warrantable failure, Killer Wraps’ responsibility is limited solely to, at its option, repairing or replacing the defective wrap or parts of the wrap. Customer’s option for repair of warrantable failures is strictly limited to repair at Killer Wraps facility. Materials used in warranty repairs will carry the same warranty coverage as the materials they replace, but the expiration dates will be the same as those of the original materials.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

  • This warranty does not cover damage to the wrap or graphics from negligence, misuse, accidents, road damage, wear and tear, or any failure not a result of installation or materials.
  • This warranty does not cover warrantable failures due to pre-existing damage to vehicles.
  • This warranty does not cover a warrantable failure if the client chooses to keep any/all emblems on a vehicle and to have them wrapped over.
  • This warranty is the sole warranty made by Killer Wraps regarding our vehicle wrap products. Killer Wraps makes no other warranties, expressed or implied.
  • This warranty applies exclusively to products manufactured and installed by Killer Wraps.