It’s not enough for designers to be able to draw and create beautiful images…If you’re in business with the goal of success, (and who isn’t?) you need a creative team that can engage your goals in the development of your brand! That’s the Killer Team!


Our team of design professionals takes time to talk to you and LISTEN. We take your vision and create a new brand or adapt your existing brand so it will express your unique presence in a crowded marketplace!

Killer Wraps is a results-oriented team of design professionals. We pride ourselves on our dedication to understanding our customers and their individual goals; creating dynamic expressions with visual impact! And we know impact is only part of a successful concept. Our job is to create a brand that draws your customer in, helps them emotionally connect with your message AND is memorable so your customers will automatically think of YOU when they need what you offer!

But we don’t stop there…in addition to creating a powerful image we know you must be able to use your branding message in many different formats. Not only will you use this image on your website emails and social media, but you’ll also use it for identification for your business and on your vehicles. A designer’s job is only partially done if these uses are not considered during the development stage and at Killer Wraps, we always see your project to completion!

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We anticipate meeting you face to face, however call us first so one of our specialists can examine your needs.

Email us with your ideas either written or by uploading a file. We will be in touch with you in two hours or less.