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Why should you wrap your fleet? Because there’s POWER in numbers!

Your business has grown and that’s a great thing! You survey your parking lot and you now have 3…7…25 or more vehicles! Maybe they’re different makes and models but they are all working and making your dream come true! Imagine the power of your message…what you do and what you offer rolling past literally millions of eyes every day! Your consistent and effective message driving home your name and contact information will also drive sales!

Keeping a consistent branding image on multiple rolling billboards, even if you have several locations or phone numbers is no problem for Killer Wraps! Our team of designers will handle the design details and our production staff will ensure the job is done right!

More About Fleet Graphics

Wrapping multiple business vehicles with a consistent image and commercial message is considered “Fleet Wraps”, whether you have 2 vehicles or 200. Killer Wraps has the capability of using your existing branding or creating a new image and message for our commercial clients and then turning that concept into a mobile message for your company, regardless of consistency in vehicle makes and models. We can take a fleet of mismatched cars, trucks and trailers and transform them into rolling billboards driving your brand home in the minds of your prospective customers. Killer Wraps can help you “Take a Bite Out of Your Competition!”

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Our Wrap Packages

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Package A

50% Covered

Package A
  • 50% Hood
  • 50% Sides
  • 50% Rear

Package B

75% Covered

Package B


  • 75% Hood
  • 75% Sides
  • 75% Rear

Package C

100% Covered

Package C


  • 100% Hood
  • 100% Sides
  • 100% Rear

Package D

100% Covered

Package D


  • 100% Hood | Sides | Rear
  • Bumpers (if painted)
  • Window Film

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